During the Covid-19 lockdown 6 Christian friends met on Zoom to discuss Norman Davies 'The Isles'. When they chose Henry's book 'Saving Europe', he decided to invite other academic specialists &  hit the 'record button' - This Podcast is the result!  AVAILABLE HERE: Spotify - Google PodcastsRadio Republic - Breaker 

BOOK DISTILLERY #16 Christians & 1 Muslim discuss Western Civilization, Religion & Jesus

BOOK DISTILLERY #2 - 'No Irish; No Carolingian Renaissance' - Early Ireland & the Irish Continental Mission - with Dr. Alex O'Hara

BOOK DISTILLERY #3 - From Nietzsche to Leo XIII - the failure of Rationalism & Rise of Woke Chaos (with Prof. Richard Russell)

BOOK DISTILLERY #4 - Philosopher Mark 'Rocky' Roques on how Plato & Aristotle compromised Christianity

BOOK DISTILLERY #5 - 'How the Irish saved Western Christianity' - Friendship, Forgiveness & Holiness - (with Meredith 'Tomb-Raider' Cutrer)

BOOK DISTILLERY #6 - A conversation with Prof. Alan Fimister  about the Catholic spiritual framework of the Robert Schuman and Jacques Maritain

BOOK DISTILLERY #7 - Trying to get under the skin Columbanus' Voluntary exile, we speak with Nicole Morgan, a Texas Sexual Abuse investigator who left her 70,000$ job and travelled to 15 countries as an itinerant evangelist.
BOOK DISTILLERY #8 - Discussing Ch.19 of 'Saving Europe', focusing on Christian and Secular responses to the rise of the post-war technocratic state. with Dr. Dom Erdozain (Emory, USA)

BOOK DISTILLERY #9 - Discussing Ch.15 of Saving Europe, 'The Europeanisation of Europe,' with a special guest: Prof Joshua Hordern 

BOOK DISTILLERY #10 - Discussing the Epilogue of Saving Europe with Jeff Fountain of the Schuman Centre for European Studies in Amsterdam 

INTERVIEW WITH THE SCHUMAN CENTRE - A Discussion with Jeff Fountain about the book & film series 

BOOK DISTILLERY #11 - Past, Present & Future for British Christian Democracy with Dr Jonathan Chaplin


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